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GREENLAD MISION 2016 Return to the Origins

Written in Nuuk by: EDU SOLA

 Greenland is one of the most virgin and remote places around the world. The land of the island is covered by Ice and snow the most part of the year. But in summer, the huge glaciers start to melt, and white rivers appear near to the coast.

 Due to the global warming, each summer new land appear, and the rivers became longer, as their sources start upper in the valley.

Greenland rivers flow down on really steep valleys in a perfect granite bedrock, forming huge falls and perfect slides. All this facts makes of the island, the perfect place for kayaking as it contains the highest quality and the wildest whitewater you could ever imagine.

The Glacier, put-in point

The problem is that the place is so remote, that there doesn’t exist any kind of ways or paths, the land is completely virgin, so this makes the logistics became really hard mission. That’s why by the moment, only three groups of creekboaters have been exploring its rivers.
This summer, four enthusiast kayakers from Spain: Fermin Perez, Mikel Sarasola, Aitor Goikoetxea, Eduardo Sola, are going to explore 3 rivers located in the South-west coast. 


 We have chosen a group of just four Kayakers, because we need to be really dynamic scouting, filming, and running the rapids. A bigger group would be impossible to coordinate in such a rough mission. We are all world-class kayakers, with good skills in climbing, filming and with lot of experience in expeditions. I think we are a strong group to success in our project.
The river we are exploring are the following:
  This three rivers come from the Inlandis, the big continental glacier that covers all the island. They are really steep with an average slope between 3% and 5%. And we expect big volume rivers, a great combination between creek and big water.


 The plan is to go along the coast on board of a zodiac boat, going around de fjords, so we can arrive to the river mouths of the runs that we want to explore. In the river mouth we will set a basecamp; this will be the point where we will start the explorations. There, we will load our kayaks with food, tents, sleeping backs, etc. and walk up to the put-in.

  In the hike up we will explore every meter of the rivers and the different possibilities they offer for kayaking, the risks they hide, and how to set the safety for the hardest rapids. Rivers in Greenland are not long, an average distance of 30 km, but we will approach to the longest ones, the ones that will take few days of kayaking. We estimate that we will need around 12 days for each river.

 But the plan is not just paddling, we will write a description and draw sketches of the rivers, so anyone coming after us, can have some precise information about it. As well we will make a documentary film, showing our adventure, and showing the effects the global warming is causing there.

If you want to follow our adventure, we will keep you updated at

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